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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 29, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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he was saved by the light. we're talking about the sunlight that was glaring off his car. what friends tell us about the man who spent four days trapped on the side of a cliff. officers will not be hired. libraries will be closed and places for kid for kids to hang out may be opened. you will be stopped under the influence even if on foot. hobbles be kept out of the bay to breakers. tonight an unlikely new opponent of the death penalty. >> i would make atill la the hundred look left wing. >> reporter: they called him the hanging judge. why he is just not worth it any more.
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>> i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. he spent his spring break trapped in a car for several days down the side of a cliff until he was rescued today. his car plunged down an embankment in the oakland hills. robert lyles on what caught the attention of a park ranger that led to the man's rescue. >> reporter: grizzly peak boulevard is known for two things, vistas and grizzly car plunges over the side. and few drivers survive the latter which is why jim wright's plunge fits the title miracle on grizzly peak. >> i'm lucky i could help this guy and i'm just so happy that he's okay. >> reporter: dave flores was patrolling grizzly peak boulevard at 10:30 this morning when he noticed something peculiar glistening below the road and knew he had to race
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into the deep. >> i ran down the hill about 200 feet in the steep ravine and -- and there was a guy in the car. and i opened the door and he was okay. >> reporter: not just any guy. the man behind the wheel, jim wright. >> he is a teacher at north gate high school. >> reporter: a popular teacher at the high school in walnut creek. wright just started spring break on monday. that is what makes this miraculous because wright was at the bottom of the ravine on monday morning when he vanished. it is when his wife reported him missing monday night. but with no cell phones there were no calls for help. wright spent four days and four nights without food or water hoping to be noticed. so when flores reached him on the fifth day. >> he said hi. >> i said hey, you're going to be all right. >> it is rare to have something
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this involved. >> reporter: so involved it took at least an hour to get ropes and a basket 200 feet down but it's wright survived with only minor injuries. neighbors think they know why. >> he hikes a lot. >> reporter: he does outdoor activities. this may have been a reason why he could have survive. >> he might have survival skills most people don't have, yeah. >> reporter: mr. wright as his students call him lives in this home. and as his neighbors say amazing survival skills may be the most appropriate description. we contacted highland hospital tonight and they tell us despite four days without food and water, he was fit enough to be released from care tonight. >> i'm puzzled. he was in good shape with only minor injuries why not just hike back out? >> that seems to be the question. there is speculation that there was some kind of medical event
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that led to the initial crash. but no one is commenting on if, in fact there was a medical situation. either way he was unable to get out of the car on his own accord. >> glad he is in good shape. thank you for that. the mayor is warning oaklanders, vote for a parcel tax increase or she will gut city services. and employee unions will have to agree to wage concessions. if not, most libraries will close, police will be furloughed and everything from senior services to public works will be slashed. >> that's how bad the budget would be if we get no additional contributions from employees and no additional taxes from our citizens. >> that would be horrible for this community. this particular branch has a very large radius. >> reporter: the mayor says that the city is asking
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employees to contribute 10 to 15% and if that happens she says there would be 20 officers added to the police force and no cuts to libraries or public works. the lack of resources mean -- this is primetime for murderers and shootings involving oakland teens. friday and saturday nights are the worst according to recent analysis by the school district. the city and the district came up with a new program to try to keep kids alive and safe. >> reporter: 15-year-old marvin lenos what can happen after dark on a friday night. >> the parents leave out and they have parties and shootings. and the gangs and there is a lot of dangers. the gang wars and stuff like that. >> you can't come in. >> why? >> you didn't have an invitation and one thing leads to another and somebody shot somebody or what have you.
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>> reporter: the violence starts with groups of teens hanging without nothing to do. starting tonight the safe fridays and safe saturdays will keep the rec center and high school open until midnight. >> idle mind is the devil's workshop. if a kid don't have nothing to do he'll find something to do. >> reporter: it is located on internal boulevard one of the most dangerous parts of town. inside the rec center is relatively safe when there is supervision but it will take more than longer hours to make an impact on the crime in this city. >> do you think keeping the rec centers open late will encourage kids to put down the guns? >> i'm hoping that it do. it will give them something else to do. >> reporter: the goal is to open more facilities to can stay open late.
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spending every day at rec center has helped him. >> play basketball and dominoes and stay out of trouble. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> the mayor says the city is not spending extra money on this program. so to make it work she says they rearranged schedules and pooled resources. san jose police officers have tentatively agreed to take a 10% pay cut. the city is asking for cuts from all the unions to close a $115 million budget gap. the concessions could save the jobs of 150 officers. but even with the pay reductions the city could still have to layoff more than 100 cops. >> it means a significant lifestyle change for many of my colleagues and maybe myself it means a relocation to a less expensive house. >> we have to cost it out and figure out how much savings we can count on and it will be
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used to save jobs in the police department. >> the san jose city manager will release a budget that will axe 650 city jobs. president president obama was on his way to florida and then scrubbed. nasa's biggest event in years, the launch of space shuttle endeavour was canceled because of a faulty part. it will be grounded until at least monday. gabrielle giffords was there to watch her husband blast off. she is still recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. president obama and his family continued on to cape canaveral anyway and met with congresswoman giffords for about 10 minutes and met with her husband mark kelly who is commanding the endeavour mission. he told kelly and the other astronauts he hopes to get back to florida on monday to see the shuttle launch.
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the death toll is 329 people. the tornado outbreak in the south is now the deadliest in nearly 80 years and the deadliest natural disaster since hurricane katrina. and today president obama toured the damage and said he never has seen devastation like it. we show you a community united in despair. >> reporter: alberta city, mostly low-income but never more in need than now. volunteers with sons of thunder, a christian ministry handed out burgers, water and hope to storm victims. >> when is the last time you ate? >> last time i ate was yesterday -- yesterday at breakfast. >> reporter: in despair, tuscaloosa is united by a sense of community. >> it is an downtown come out and help folks that need it. >> reporter: 45 people were killed in the college town.
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eight students were killed. >> it's awful. it took the whole house. >> reporter: jessica says four students were inside this leveled house. only one survived. and after the storm their neighbor and friend jared jackson remembers the survivor was in deep trauma. >> just walking around crying and yelling for them and we walked over there and helped him scream their names. >> and? >> didn't hear anything. hoping to do away with ambulances and alcohol poisoning through special lodging. a zero tolerance policy at this year's bay to breakers. for years we were told, avoid it at all costs. now a junk food is suddenly a superfood. what has foodies doing an about
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face. he was dubbed the hanging judge after sentencing nine men to die. >> i would make attila the hun look left wing. >> why he is now on a crusade to kill california's death penalty coming up next. and weather wise we have something happening this weekend that has not happened in weeks. we'll pinpoint your forecast as eyewitness news continues on the cw.
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the governor now says that the state just cannot justify spending more than $350 million on a death row complex. so what about the millions of dollars that critics say is
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wasted every year on condemned inmates? a judge that has put several of them there tells allen martin is what has prompted this imto reconsider his position. >> reporter: they called him the hanging judge of orange county, a title that donald mccarton is proud of for sending nine known death row. >> i would make attila the hun look left wing. >> reporter: he keeps their pictures on his wall. among them the freeway kill errandy craft linked to 67 murders and sentenced to death in 1989. rodney alfonseca la convicted of killing five women and suspected of many more, sentenced to death in 1908. he left the bench two decades ago but says he expects to die long before most of the men he sentenced and that makes him mad. >> going through this charade
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that we are going through -- to give the victims finality by killing the killer. it ain't true. >> reporter: so last month he sent this letter to jerry brown saying that the state is spending millions of tax dollars in this fruitless pursuit of death and urging the governor to end the death penalty. >> he is right to call it asha raid. >> reporter: death penalty focus welcomes the judge to their side. >> many people say we need the death penalty for justice and you can't put a price on justice. but you can put a price on the death penalty and it is extremely expensive. >> reporter: to thousands 713 prisoners costs about $70 million a year. taxpayers pick up the tab for both sides of the court appeals, prosecution and defense for another $60 million a year. death penalty opponents point out that california could save $1 billion over the next five
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years by commuting death sentences to life in prison without parole. believe it or not it is far cheep cheaper to keep a prisoner for life than to try to kill him. $175,000 less per prisoner per year. >> we need to fix the system. >> reporter: michael rush ford of the criminal justice legal foundation says costs are skyrocketing because the opponents have rigged the system causing delay after delay. >> we spend more time on death cases and we should. we have to make sure we have the right guy. but five years should be enough. >> there are bodies laying everywhere. >> reporter: he points to timothy mcveigh. the federal court system took five years before he was executed and he said we would save money by adopting the same system in california.
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>> we focus on guilt and not on technicalities. >> i wait. >> reporter: it has been 18 years since poly-has been kidnapped and murder and her father has no doubt what her killer deserves. >> i want him to be executed. >> reporter: he doesn't trust the system to keep them behind bars without parole. >> the first step to giving them a possibility of getting back on the street is to do away with the death penalty. >> reporter: it's an emotional issue and most californians support the dependent according to opinion polls. but the hanging judge of orange county says it is time for californians to decide between their emotions and their wallets. >> you could balance the criminal budget in the state of california if you eliminate the death penalty. >> reporter: allen martin, cbs 5. the atlanta braves pitching coach accused of making sexual
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gestures in at&t park is now on administrative leave. a father from fresno was there on saturday when he says that roger mcdowell shouted anti-gay slurs at three men sitting nearby and when he complained the coach told him, hey, kids don't belong at a baseball park and appeared to threaten him with a bat. mcdowell has apologized and the team says it is investigating. roberta, please give us a good forecast. >> to do that we have to head to an hose to the shark tank. won't tell you the outcome of the game. that is up to gary in sports. but currently, 54 degrees. let's look at the current winds. they have been dialing back. now nonexistent in san jose. the winds at 13234 -- in sausalito. and livermore with 10 miles per hour. the temperatures in the 50s. and overnight down to 38 in
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santa rosa. and mid-30s in the tri-valley. and 43 in river roc. and otherwise in the mid-40s in the central bay. the storm track diverted to the north of the bay area because of a bulging area of high pressure that is clearing out the skies. in fact anything north of san francisco and even to the south of monterey, the abundance of sunshine. winds could be blustery on the seashore otherwise 49 on the south shore and lake tahoe. the winds tomorrow breezy but not as windy. tree count and grass count will be medium to high. and speaking of your highs, warmer tomorrow than today at least by 5 degrees in napa. low 70s in san jose. that will be up from today's high of 63 but down from the average high of 73 degrees. 69 in san francisco and the average is 65. there is the extended forecast. the warmest day is on sunday. and it has been weeks since we
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have two days over the weekend precipitation free and check out wednesday. we will peak with near record warmth. you may want to go to the beach. timothy thank you for this beautiful photograph and keep them comes to my pics at >> the beach is 75-degrees by wednesday. >> let me give you applause for that. this year the biggest crackdown on boozers yet at the bay to breakers. zero tolerance and organizers say they mean it. race officials say the alcohol aspect has gotten way out of hand. 26 ambulance calls last year for alcohol poisoning on the race. and now a creative way to deal with those who get a bit too soft, sobering tents. inside those tents intoxicated runners will be given coffee
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and juice until they sober up and then they will be sent home. we have been avoiding it like the playing but it is safe to start dishing out again. the bad for you turned good for you food that has nutritionists guessing. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney biggest sale of the season...
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we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. movie popcorn, because it was two decades ago, the food police told us to stay away from movie popcorn because it was popped in coconut oil that was dangerous. now you can find coconut oil in health food stores. we crack the story wide open. >> reporter: pastry chef michelle of range restaurant. >> cake takes so much patience. >> reporter: it is whipping up a coconut upside down cake and she mixes in coconut oil. doesn't she realize it is the devil incar nat. >> i do not at all. i think it's good. >> reporter: health
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professionals warned to stay away from coconut oil. it will give you a heart attack. >> the stuff looks like lard. but now health advocates say we should take a fresh crack at coconut oil. it is now in health food stores and used in core may treats. >> we love it. >> reporter: this cafe serves raw organic vegan fare. the bakery manager... >> it firms up and sets the desserts. >> reporter: but he says that this oil is a superfood. >> we use it really because of the benefits. >> reporter: it includes antiviral and antifungal properties. but nutritionists say the science is not there. they say it deserves reevaluation but it is still a saturated fat. >> if you use it because you
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like the taste use it in mod separation not all the time. >> reporter: but for michelle, she says let them eat cake. >> i make dessert. it's not healthy but i try to make a small portion that doesn't have a lot of sugar that something will enjoy eating. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 health watch. the a's and giants in action tonight but only one team with a win. and the sharks open up against the red wings. they move into town and this one needed overtime to decide the winner. the minute after the break.
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detroit in the second round... d wings in 5 last year the sharks had no
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problem with detroit in the second round. tonight game one. >> ben rips it to the net and scores! ben fairial in his first ever stanley cup playoff game wins it in overtime. >> and it was his birthday. happy birthday. sharks win 2-1. game two is sunday at the tank. the niners may have found their quarterback of the future. they traded up to take a quarterback from nevada. he is the only person in ncaa history to throw for 10,000 yards and run for 4,000. wisniewski is the nephew of steve, a family reunion time for the raiders. tim lincecum gave up three runs in seven innings but no help from the bats. the a's, kurt suzuki was on
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paternity leave for wednesday's game. he was back tonight and drove in the game's first run. the a's beat the rangers 3-1. exciting night in sports. i am a sneeze whisperer.
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i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief.


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